In 2019, the Baltimore Environmental Equity Partnership (BEEP) will pilot a community health-centered project focused on waste reduction in the Johnston Square and Highlandtown neighborhoods of East and Southeast Baltimore. This project was developed in response to our 2018 community health needs assessment in the two neighborhoods, which identified litter, dumping and waste removal as primary community concerns.

The trash reduction and community health pilot will tackle waste exposure across the spectrum, from root causes and systemic factors to symptoms of individual behaviour. BEEP will partner with Johnston Square and Highlandtown neighborhoods through education and community outreach, civic engagement and public policy shaping, as well as network infrastructure building to drive  behavioral changes associated with waste production at the individual level, eliminate the structural systems that create waste burden on communities, and strengthen our network to deepen connections amongst East Baltimore environmental campaigns.

The integrated approach will include education and community outreach, civic engagement and public policy shaping, and network infrastructure building.

We have continued to collaborate into 2020. Under the leadership of ReBuild Metro, we expanded our work together through a National Fish and Wildlife Foundation grant to facilitate the East Baltimore Greenway. This project is a community-determined green stormwater infrastructure project to create 2.75 acres of long-term greenspace and improve urban tree canopy in the Oliver, Broadway East, and Johnston Square neighborhoods of Baltimore.  The project will build community consensus and ownership of stormwater projects and address future project pipelines.